Top 25 Personal Injury Lawyers in New York City New York

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Top 25 Personal Injury Lawyers in New York City New York

You don’t have to worry about the legal side of things as far as personal injury is concerned, especially since you already have a lot on your plate. A good personal injury lawyer can step in and help you get the compensation you deserve, and leave you to only worry about recuperating from your injuries. If you are in New York, are in such a situation and are looking for one, then this article, with the help of the gurus over at, will look to help by listing 25 of the best personal injury lawyers in the city.

Redmond Law

Attorney Neil Redmond is without doubt one of the premier personal injury lawyers in New York, with bags of experience having been practicing for over 20 years. Having personally obtained millions of dollars for his clients as compensation, when you work with him and his firm you are guaranteed results.

Subin Associates, LLP

As discussed over at, with 60 years of experience on matters personal injury law, they are one of the very best firms in New York City. They have managed to obtain more than $1.5 billion in settlements and verdicts for their clients and the fact that they only charge legal fees if they successful conclude a case is why they are so popular in the city.

Burns & Harris

If you have suffered personal injury from an accident, professional malpractice or even police abuse, they are here for you. They are professional and thorough with an excellent track record of getting results for their clients.

The Law Offices of Eric Richman

Attorney Richman is yet another of New York’s top-rated personal injury lawyers, offering excellent services and bringing with him a guarantee or results. From vehicular accidents to wrongful death and even medical malpractice, among others, they have you covered.

Chaffin Luhana, LLP

For over 90 years, as is discussed in detail over at, this excellent law firm has been representing victims of neglect and negligence in New York city with tremendous success. With over $1 billion brought in as compensation for victims of personal injury, they definitely have the pedigree to work with your case and bring you the results you seek.

Addabbo & Greenberg

Some of the areas this excellent firm with excellent personal injury lawyers focusses on include car accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful deaths, construction accidents and many others. They are committed and dedicated to their clients and are such an asset to have on your side.

Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein, LLP

This firm with its highly rated personal injury lawyers will be with you every step of the way in your personal injury case, from the discovery stage gathering the requisite evidence to the litigation stage, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. They also cater to Regional Pain Syndrome victims, helping them get compensation as well.

Douglas & London

They are yet another top-rated firm in New York city as far as matters personal injury law goes, helping victims know their rights and representing them in cases so that they get compensation. As covered over at, they also have the expertise and resources to handle class action lawsuits and mass torts.

Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP

With over 25 years of representing victims as far as personal injury goes, they definitely have the pedigree to give you the results you are after. Their lawyers are committed and determined and will go above and beyond to ensure that you are well taken care off in such a situation.

Goldstein & Bashner

Their personal injury lawyers will review each case individually, coming up with personalized strategies for each, and deciding whether to take it to trial or settle. They always seek full compensation for their clients and are like a dog with a bone making sure you get what you deserve.

David Resnick & Associates, PC

Attorney David and his team come highly recommended by the gurus over at, and he is definitely one of the very best personal injury lawyers in New York city. He is extremely detailed and will leave no stone unturned in trying to make sure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Eric J. Dinnocenzo

Attorney Eric is yet another excellent personal injury lawyer, and his firm mainly specializes on traffic and construction accidents as well as incidents of medical malpractice. They will help you get compensation, including getting you medical bills and lost wages covered and are among the best in the city.

Hach & Rose

The personal injury lawyers here have got the knowledge and experience to handle various cases including injuries by automobiles or mass transit vehicles, workplace injuries, sexual assault and many others. They will always attempt to get the highest possible compensation for their clients.

Gersowitz Libo & Korek, PC

As per the gurus over at, they are among the best in providing consultation and representation services for personal injury clients in New York city. They usually ensure their clients get full damages, encompassing medical bills, lost wages and emotional trauma and they are effective and efficient at their job.

Levy Konigsberg, LLP

Attorney Levy and his firm are known for handling class action lawsuits, covering a number of cases such as those permanently injured, physically or psychologically, by lead poisoning, defective drugs, Mesothelioma, sexual abuse and medical malpractice. If your case falls in any of these categories, then look them up.

Merson Law, PLC

This firm with its personal injury lawyers is multi-faceted as far as matters personal injury law goes, although they mostly represent victims of child sex abuse as well as victims of sexual assault. They also offer services in both English and Spanish to ensure that every victim is heard and that no one is turned away.

Pardalis & Nohavicka

While they also offer services regarding business law, as discussed over at, this firm also has excellent personal injury lawyers who are committed and dedicated to their clients and ensuring that they get the compensation they deserve based on damages. From injurie due to vehicular accidents to defective products and even industrial accidents, they have everyone covered.

Jeffrey J. Shapiro & Associates

Attorney Shapiro is yet another excellent personal injury lawyer in New York city, with the knowledge and expertise to help with your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Some of the areas his firm focus on include car accidents, police officer accidents, medical negligence, sexual assault among others.

Marder, Eskesen & Nass

This firm and its personal injury lawyers are known for their thorough and exhaustive approach to their investigations, ensuring that all damages suffered by their clients are recognized, from hospital bills to lost wages and even emotional and psychological damage.

Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC

As is discussed in detail over at, this is yet another top-rated firm with some of the most brilliant personal injury lawyers in New York city, and one you should definitely check out. They are extremely professional and organized, and will make sure you get the compensation that you warrant.

Law Offices of Andrew J. Spinnell

Attorney Andrew is very client-driven and has gained a reputation for being one of the very best personal injury lawyers in New York city. His firm particularly focusses on personal injuries suffered within the school system and represents teachers hurt on school premises due to hazards such as wet floors or security breaches.

Robinson & Yablon, PC

Yet another excellent firm on matters personal injury law, helping victims of workplace accidents particularly, file both workers’ compensation claims as well as lawsuits against liable third parties. On top of that, they also handle cases of mass injury due to defective products.

Storobin Law Firm

As covered over at, this firm mostly focusses on personal injury cases involving police brutality or medical malpractice concerning childbirth injuries as well as product liability incidents and car accidents. They are such an asset to have on your side and will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

The Perecman Firm

Yet another excellent law firm in New York city as far as matters personal injury go, mainly focusing on helping victims of construction accidents, vehicular accidents as well as premise liability incidents. They are worth checking out if your case falls in these areas.

Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC

Yet another excellent law firm in New York city on matters personal injury helping victims pursue compensation and file personal injury claims. Some of the areas their personal injury lawyers focus on include snow and ice accidents, vehicular accidents, medical malpractice and many others.

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