Top 25 Ways to Advertise on Tinder as a Graphic Designer


Top 25 Ways to Advertise on Tinder as a Graphic Designer 

Launched in 2012, Tinder, a dating and friendship app, has experienced tremendous growth. Its growth, coupled with the demographic of users it captures has made it an advertising Eden for multinationals seeking a viable platform to access millennials. With over 50 million active users aged between 18-34, Tinder’s reach is phenomenal and can produce stellar results if used correctly. Below are the top 25 ways to advertise on Tinder as a Graphic designer.

Contact Tinder. They can help you craft a befitting campaign that factors in the app’s communication system. What’s more, the company does not entertain unauthorized ads, and you could easily be banned for putting up ads or running a campaign without their permission.

Create a custom profile so that you can attract people more likely to be interested in your services as a graphic designer. Make your profile as compelling as possible to increase chances of being matched.

“Like” other people’s profiles to expand your reach. The beauty of Tinder is that you get the option to choose whose profile to ‘like.’ Use this to your advantage by showing interest in people likely to be interested in your services.

Domino’s managed to run a very successful campaign by offering pizza rewards for all those who got matched with the company’s profile. You could utilize a similar strategy and offer something free that people would be interested in.

With Tinder, you only get a limited window lasting a few seconds to make an impression before someone either swaps left or right. Therefore, make your profile picture as captivating as possible.

Tinder has included the option of video ads. You can advertise on Tinder by making a quality video that will be of value to both you and anyone who watches it.

Come up with an engaging and creative biography that will hook all those who come across your profile.

Offer a good deal to those who show interest in your profile. It could be a bonus or a discount.

Though potentially at a cost, you could pay Tinder to carry out a survey on its user profiles. This way, you will get more insight concerning how you should design your campaign.

All successful Tinder campaigns have been ‘out-of-the-box.’ Come up with an out-of-the-box strategy and your chances of success will increase exponentially.

Offer graphic design solutions that millennials are likely to be interested in. Blog and fashion website designs etc. The goal here is to provide something that Tinder’s user demographic is going to be interested in.

Link your profile to your website so that those interested can visit your site to get more information. Using links is one of the creative ways to beat Tinder’s constricting communication platform.

Use an ad system that enhances user experience. The key thing is to offer value, an excellent case study in this regard is the Dominos valentine day campaign.

Include memorable identifiers in your profile. It could be a logo or a motto that will make an impression to all those who view your profile.

Engage those who show interest on a personal level. Avoid ‘boilerplate’ messages which are template messages that are sent to people in bulk.

Build friendships and focus on networking with people who are interested in graphic design. This way, you place yourself strategically and increase your chances of meeting potential clients.

You can pay a professional, plus Tinder to run a top-level campaign. It might come at a cost, but as several successful campaigns have proven, it will be worth it.

Have a bold message that will easily impact those who come across your profile.

Make your profile entertaining to increase the chances of making an unforgettable impression.

Support a cause. Research shows that 50% of millennials are more likely to make a purchase, even when the product in question is slightly more expensive, provided the company or person offering the product supports a worthy cause.

Interact with others in a humorous but professional manner.

Strive to offer something different. Research has proven that millennials are more likely to take up the unconventional provided it serves a purpose or solves a problem.

Offer rewards to all those who participate in your campaign. It does not have to be something expensive. The goal is to cultivate a positive vibe around the graphic-design brand you are advertising as well as drum up awareness.

Be polite to everyone who shows interest in what you have to offer. Treat everyone as a potential client.

Be very active on Tinder. Nothing pays without due effort.

In conclusion, the most precise method you can use to achieve advertising success on Tinder is to source for professionals who will come up with an advertising campaign suited to the application’s interaction system. It may require a consolidation of resources, but the results, as previous Tinder campaigns can point out, are worth the while.