Top 25 ways to promote yourself on


Top 25 ways to promote yourself on 

Behance is a platform where creative minds get to showcase their prowess and artistic skills. It is therefore a hub of creativity and innovation where people get to express their unique perspective and get recognition for the same. When trying to promote yourself on Behance, it is important that particular strategies are employed to ensure visibility is attained at an advanced setting. These top 25 ways of promoting yourself on can ensure you get followers and recognition for your artistic presentations.

Unique portfolio

Behance is a home of creative personalities and creating a unique portfolio is the way to market your portfolio and ensure that other creatives take note.

Target curated galleries

Curated gallery is the initial page people take note of and getting featured in this page serves as the best way of ensuring that you get recognition for your work and other artists get to appreciate your projects.

Customize the cover image

The cover image is synonymous to a calling card and it speaks volumes about the creativity that you have. Customizing the cover image is sure to build curiosity in other creatives which attracts a following.

Present detailed images

Detailed images usually provide a story which is what artistic presentations are all about. Presenting detailed images ensures other creative geniuses get hooked.

Utilize social media

Using the promote project function within Behance, it is possible to utilize social media platforms to promote your projects and gain more recognition for your work.

Display “Work In Progress”

As a creative mind, feedback is important and it is the only way to connect with other great creatives and promote your brand, Displaying Work In Progress provides that platform.

Include Videos

A teaser video that can be embedded to a project is exactly what is needed to promote a project and including the video also guarantees that creatives in the platform will be curious to understand the path of creativity taken.

Customize page appearance

The color and layout of the page are great determinants of how your page will standout and it therefore becomes important to customize the appearance to ensure you promote your brand and projects.

Follow and Follow back

Following creatives and following back are aspects that enhance promotion of your portfolio especially with the display of artwork.

Utilize Behance mobile App

The Behance mobile App is a useful platform for interacting with other creatives and it can also allow you to check push notifications and hence balance promotion of your projects.

Take advantage of Project credits

Working with other creatives on a project and getting featured in the project credits section will improve credibility and visibility of your portfolio.

Use the Creative Portfolio App

Showcasing projects during client presentations is crucial to promoting your portfolio and the creative portfolio App ensures this is handled seamlessly.

Tag your skills and experience

When promoting your portfolio on Behance, tagging the skills and experience is a worthy step towards visibility.

Customize projects

It is possible to customize your projects using texts that describe your work which attracts other creatives which ultimately creates a following.

Link to live samples

The consequence of linking to live samples is the appreciation of your work which is fundamental when promoting your projects.

Comment on work

Commenting on the work of other creatives grows your profile and ensures that others also take a closer look at your portfolio.

Share Step by Step Images

Interesting insights as to the making of a project always pull attention and step by step images serve as the perfect way to share the insights.

Cross link

Using the Badges and Buttons on Behance, you can cross link your work and thereby harness more recognition for your work across different platforms.

Appreciate projects

The path to connecting with creatives and promoting your portfolio begins with appreciation of the projects presented by others.

Spread projects over time

Spreading the presentation of projects ensures you are able to have fresh and upfront work constantly which markets you as a consistent creative.

Invest in personal projects

Personal projects usually allow you to have the freedom of expression which ensures other creatives and potential clients get to experience your artistic style which promotes your credentials.

Provide concept descriptions

The goal of having concept descriptions is explaining the inspiration behind a project and capturing attention which all promote your portfolio.

Utilize Keywords

The descriptions should be optimized with keywords to ensure searches lead to your portfolio which is a setting that enhances visibility.

Link Back

The keywords and descriptions should link back to your portfolio to allow creatives and other interested parties to have a look at your other creations.

Include Call to action

When in need of promoting your portfolio, creating a call to action gives you the chance to thank viewers that have sampled your work and also direct them on how they can sample more of your work.