Top 5 Anime Stores in Houston Texas

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Top 5 Anime Stores in Houston Texas

The consumer base for anime products has grown tremendously in the US in recent years. These Japanese exports seem to have people of all ages hooked, and the number of fans keeps growing every year. From movies to cards and collectibles, there is always a demand for anime products. So lucrative is the anime business that you are sure to find an anime store near you wherever you are. Here is a list of the top 5 stores in all of Houston Texas, in case you are an anime fan.

Magic the Gathering

This is an online store that is just one click away no matter where you are in Texas. It allows you to buy and sell cards based on the anime game Magic the Gathering. In some cases, you might be lucky to find a rare card that is of extremely good quality. Besides that, the store will buy your cards form you. However, for them to purchase cards from you, ensure that you are accurate when giving a description of the quality of the card. Otherwise, if you are not honest in the condition of the card, they will send it back to you at your own cost.

Fat Ogre

If you live up north in The Woodlands area, this is the best store to purchase your anime paraphernalia. The comic book selection is quite amazing. If you would like to purchase the old anime comics or you are looking for something modern, you will find it at this wonderful store. Their gaming setups are also worth mentioning.

What you will particularly love about their gaming selection are the game nights and miniature selection. If you are a Whovian, make it a point to drop in at this store. The Fat ogre store sells the Doctor Who Monopoly. It is one of the few stores, which sell this product in the Houston area.

The store often holds games such Magic the Gathering, role-playing games, Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Saga, Bolt Action, and many others. At the store, you will also be able to sell your trading card games. If you are lucky, you might find someone with a rare card.

Pop Culture Company

The Pop Culture Company store is a great beginner store. If you are just getting into comics and anime but you do not think it is right to blow your paycheck, this store is perfect. The staff at the store understand this fact, and they are quite helpful. For the storage supplies, they usually offer a 20 percent discount on any purchase. That way, you can concentrate on spending on your comic books.

At this store, you will find back issues, which sell for $1 in many cases. They will price match any special that is advertised and have the happy hour event on Wednesday. At this event, you will be able to purchase reduced-price single issues. Additionally, if you are into vintage comics, their selection is amazing. They also have a selection of new collectibles if that is what you like.

Half Price Books

Three half-price locations in Houston offer great comic sections at very affordable prices. As a result, these stores usually have a huge turnover of comics. However, you might get lucky and snag yourself a real gem. If you have no qualms about used comics and doing a bit of hunting, you should visit this store.

Besides comics, if you are into anime novels, this store is the place to be. They will also purchase any old comics or books that you may have lying around at home. What Half Price Books does is that they may even purchase the English rights to foreign anime comics. They will usually print back copies of these comics so that you can access them at a low price. Additionally, if the copyright on some old anime comic has expired, they will make sure to purchase it.

Bedrock City

Bedrock City is like Hot Topic for the comic stores in Houston. Their stock is fairly standardized, which means you can be able to access most modern anime comics at this store. However, there is no game room, and the stores are usually slick and clean in appearance.

However, since they have so many locations throughout Houston, anime comic fans usually love them. You will not find many hidden gems at these stores. However, the mainstream comics, figures, and the basic gaming needs are all covered. The stores also offer gifts to their customers. If a new issue has been released for your favorite anime series, there is a good chance you can find it at Bedrock City.

The Japanese anime phenomenal continues to sweep through the US and many other places in the world. If you just want to read some comics or get into the games and other paraphernalia such as cards, you can pick any of the stores mentioned above.

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