How to Use Pokémon Go to Promote Your Local Business


How to Use Pokémon Go to Promote Your Local Business

Pokémon GO is barely two weeks old since its launch, yet many businesses have already found ways of using it to boost their sales. This augmented reality mobile game, in which players use their phones to find imaginary ‘animals’ in the real world, proves to become a crucial marketing tool for small enterprises. It is not a little task, but one that you can take advantage of if you run a small business. Here is a detailed review of how to use Pokémon GO to promote your local business in efforts to extend your customer base.

The Measures

Answering the question “how can one use Pokémon GO to promote his/her business?” requires you to take a few steps. For starters, you must download the game on your smartphone or any other mobile device of your choice (it is a free process) and find out whether your location falls under either the ‘gym’ or ‘PokéStop’ category. If Pokémon GO lists your business (there is a high a chance that happens), then you are free to get on with your marketing plan. In just a few weeks, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the likely surge in the foot traffic, which will enable many people to learn about your business.

The next step after installing the game in your phone is to complete the purchase of an in-app by spending your money on a lure. This approach creates an increase in the level of Pokémon generation associated with your business for a specific time span. In this manner you will have the chance to lure guaranteed customers to your enterprise for a little over one dollar per hour. Probably, your business is either a stop or located close to gym, which means that many Pokémon GO foot traffics will move towards it.

The best thing about using this game to promote your business is that it allows you to create and enact your lures to reach out to the potential customers. For example, you can use it to offer specials or giveaways for players. If the location of your business is not a stop or close to a gym, you have to get creative and “transfer” it to a road. Alternatively, you can visit the Pokémon GO’s official website and submit your business so it can consider it as either a PokéStop or Pokémon gym, depending on your choice. Since several other businesses make a similar request, you should not expect only acceptance for yours.

The best features for business owners in this game are the Lure Modules as they provide the perfect for users to gain extra gameplay. For an enterprise, earning lures or buying them through the Pokémon GO application for about $1 for half an hour of play means an increase in the sales. If your business falls under the PokeStop, you can use them to “lure” customers to it in real life.

Virtually, any firm that can use foot traffic is perfect fit for the Pokémon GO. What most people fail to understand is that Pokémon GO promotion is not suitable for every business. Some of the enterprises ideal for this game include churches, shopping areas, bars, festivals, bowling alleys, and restaurants. The ‘secret’ for achieving in using Pokémon GO for marketing services and products is that you need to target clients of the same age set as the game itself, or their parents.

According to the latest statistics, most Pokémon GO players’ age falls under the 12-30 range, meaning that your business should youths. Most importantly, you need to learn that the success of promotion depends on your efforts.