How to Use Snapchat to Promote Your Local Business


How to Use Snapchat to Promote Your Local Business

Snapchat, among other social media, are some of the successful marketing tools in the world.  This mobile application lets one send private or public video and images to other Snapchat users from your smartphone. For a business person, such a platform becomes an opportunity for connecting to the customers. You can use your Snapchat to promote your business in many ways, but such a task is not simple. You should consider using Snapchat for promoting your business because it is the world’s fastest expanding social site with over 100 million active users visiting it on a daily basis. Of the businesses that use social media for marketing, only 2 percent use Snapchat.  Most of them focus on Facebook. Although the minimal competition on this platform means that many customers are likely to look for new enterprises from other social sites, it opens up the opportunity for your business to reach out to many users. Here is a detailed overview of how to use snapchat o to promote your local business.

Just as the name hints, Snapchat allows members to use snaps to communicate to one another, they vanish after just one viewing, meaning that other people may not even get understand content of the ones you post. The disappearing of content is a boon for any marketer, meaning that you must adopt other measures for using this site for promoting your business. The first step to take is developing Snapchat-specific content, which could involve creating detailed tutorials covering the things in your field of expertise. You could demonstrate to people how to clean shoes or how to create a secure password if your business deals with fashion or Information Technology, respectively. You could also give other Snapchat users a glimpse of what your business or company sells. In the case of the latter, you could show them how your manufacturers make the products you sell, introduce them to the ethos and inspiration that spurs your business, or hold conversations with artists.

Showing your products in use is also a perfect move towards promoting your business. For example, you could post a snap or video of a person wearing the shoes or using the mobile applications you developed. You could ask other users for videos or pictures of them using your products, and post snaps of them for the customers you intend to lure. The fans whose snaps you upload will feel valued; whereas your target audience will learn about the different ways they can get and use your products. Since you can also access other social sites, you repurpose content from them and tailor it to suit Snapchat. Snapchat –specific content requires a funny and casual tone – one that is similar to those used in Tumblr and Vine.

Promoting your business through Snapchat also requires you to invite participation from other users. Any social media requires users to become social and Snapchat is not different. For that reason, you should involve your followers in your Snapchat posts by sharing your ideas with them and taking theirs’ too. For example, you could ask them to respond to your snaps or post their replies on another social site. One of the businesses that have achieved success through this site is Sephora, which applied it to the sweepstakes. Its manager asked the users to take snaps of themselves wearing makeup doodles and upload them to other social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Since their customers did that, yours can also follow the suit with your business. For example, you can request them to take pictures in shoes or shirts that they bought from your store.