How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business?


Twitter is a powerful social media platform that is freely available for businesses to use to find and engage their customers. With millions of active daily users, Twitter should be key component of every small business’ marketing strategy.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, hesitant to get started on Twitter, don’t wait any longer. This is free promotion! It doesn’t get any easier than that! You can start building your business today with Twitter, and during the next few minutes, we’re going to show you some simple tips to help you get started.

And of course, if you have any questions about any of these tips, don’t hesitate to contact us. This is what we do every day, and we’re happy to help you in any way we can.

1. Fill Out Your Profile As Completely As Possible

This is one of the most important — and yet most overlooked — tactics for promoting your business on Twitter. Filling out your social media profiles is important on all the platforms you use, but due to Twitter’s limited character count per post, it’s even more important to utilize every other opportunity the platform offers to increase brand awareness and to make a positive impression on your viewers.

Be sure to include high-quality images for both your thumbnail profile pic and your larger banner photo. Your company logo would work well for the profile thumbnail, while your banner photo should include a little glimpse into what it is that you do, preferably a photo of your employees at work interacting with your customers.

Also, make sure to include your geographical location. You’d be surprised how many small businesses overlook this detail and its importance.

So for instance, if you’re a local business here in Houston, then you need to make sure that your Twitter profile lists Houston, Texas as your location. This can help search engines give a little boost to your company’s twitter account in local search results, and it instantly lets local prospects know that you are located right here in town and not a thousand miles away in another state.

Your Twitter profile allows you to also include a link to your company website along with a short bio. The bio allows you just a few short sentences or main points, so use that limited space to focus on how your products and services benefit your customers.

2. Use Twitter Advanced Search To Find And Engage Active Prospects Near Your Location

Twitter includes an advanced search function that allows you to sift through the masses of tweets and users on the platform and find those people who are near your location and who are likely to be interested in what your company offers. With Twitter’s advanced search, you can filter results according to geographic location. You can also seek out recent tweets that include or exclude specific words and phrases that may indicate buyer intent. And you can even search for tweets that mention specific Twitter accounts.

So for example, you could specifically search for people in your city who have recently tweeted about the service they received from one of your competitors. This can provide you with valuable insight about your market, and it can allow you to engage in conversations with nearby prospects who already purchase products and services related to your industry.

3. Use Keywords And Hashtags Relevant To Your Industry

While most companies understand how Twitter can help them engage with their current customers who look them up by name on the platform and follow them, many don’t realize that Twitter can also be a fantastic platform for generating new leads and drawing in prospects who have never even heard of their company.

The way to do this is to research keywords and hashtags that are specific to your industry and include those phrases in your profile and posts. Every day, there are people on Twitter who use specific words and phrases to find out about products and services that interest them. If your company is regularly tweeting posts that include these phrases, then many of those people will end up landing on your Twitter account and engaging with you in conversation. This is a simple yet powerful method for using Twitter as an inbound marketing tool.

If you aren’t sure how to use keyword research tools and perform hashtag research, or if you simply don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of online marketing, we can certainly help you with that!

So there you have it – three simple yet powerful ways that you can use Twitter to promote your business for free! Fill out your profile as completely as possible, and use Twitter’s advanced search feature – along with keywords and hashtags in your tweets – to attract new prospects.