Using Negativity to Inspire You


I’ll begin this by saying I’m pretty weird.  Growing up we my parents makes you a bit weird.  My father came to the US with 50 dollars.  He worked his way up to become management of a large Chemical Company.  Suffice it to say, I grew up extremely hungry.  Hungry to not only be good… but to be the best version I can be.  In the US it’s just my mom, dad, and sister.  My family in China is larger and they are all entrepreneurs.  They own hotels, malls, and are great at business.  That’s probably where my hunger comes from.  I’m about 25% of what I can be.  I’ve always understood my potential… because on Sunday night before a pre-med test I could cram more in those few hours than most people in the semester.  Hence my high grades.

I can get a lot done in a very short period of time.  And repeat this action consistently almost every day.  That’s why my social media is so strong.  I repeat the same actions every single day.  It’s not something that most people can do.  They either get too lazy or bored.  Without consistency there is a low probability you can get really far… in social media or even life.  Figure out how to scale success is the most important part in marketing.

Anyone can do it well once… the key is to do it again and again.  Which brings me to negativity.  I’ve always liked it.  In fact sometimes I look for it.  There is nothing more valuable then having a rival you can’t stand.  It’s the whole Ash and Gray thing from Pokemon.  The rival pushes you further than you could have gone by yourself.  I truly believe that.  The same with negativity.  In today’s society… especially online… negativity can’t be avoided.  The question is what affect does it have on you?

My favorite example of how negativity makes you stronger is Tom Brady and deflate gate.  The Commissioner used all his power to smear Brady’s name in the mud.  Notably did Tom win in court, for now, he is on a mission to show everyone how great he is.   He’s had a chip on his shoulder since falling to pick 199.  He’s the greatest Quarterback who has every played… and he fell to 199.  That’s crazy to me.  However, if he was picked in the first round… who knows what would happen.  The best thing for Brady was to fall to 199.  That was the low point. If you ever reach that point in your life… you will understand how high you can go.  It’s weird… you need to hit rock bottom before you understand your potential.