Using Pokémon Go to Entice Shoppers to Local Businesses


Using Pokémon Go to Entice Shoppers to Local Businesses

Despite its newness, Pokémon Go is a phenomenal tool that many businesses use in many ways, with the sole aim at how to utilize it to improve their overall performance. This unique augmented Android game has valuable features that they can use to market their services and products. Any business that is intended to improve their performance using this game should master the most practical measures for attracting customers to its premise. The best step to take in this case is to entice as many shoppers as possible. It might not prove an easy task, but the following overview reveals how a local business can go about this approach.


Lure modules are the game’s features suitable for attracting buyers to business. Since the lures do not come for free, the business manager should purchase enough for attracting more shoppers. In most cases, those interested in buying the products or services of business will visit it if they notice the lures. Several Pokémon GO foot traffics likely to stop by the enterprise to purchase a few items if it exists on a Poke Stop or a location close to a gym.

However, lure modules alone cannot attract enough shoppers, meaning that the business must explore other options for enticing customers. Even with the lures in place, offers also play an integral role in attracting more buyers to the establishment. The business should also consider giving away offers to the shoppers, especially those who find the lures. For example, a café could promise an offer of one free cup of coffee to any customer who buys food worth $30 or more.

Just like offers, discounts also play an integral role in enticing shoppers to any business. For that reason, it should use its Pokémon Go account to provide discounts that use this game to locate it. For example, it could cut off any percentage of the product’s price for a discount, depending on the volume of purchase to customers who Pokémon Go players who use this game to locate the store.

Engaging the customers and giving them shopping tips are also guaranteed ways of enticing the buy products. Not only does these measures give them guidance on how to spend their money, but also draw their attention towards the business. The business should also consider using other social media to post rare Pokémon, which will likely prompt players to move towards the business in search of it. This way, the enterprise increases its chances of attracting many buyers as those who visit it in search of the rare Pokémon may decide to shop a few items from it.

The business can also entice shoppers to it if it can offer a charging location for Pokémon Go players. Since this game consumes much battery, it forces the players to look for alternative sources of recharging their phones to enjoy the game or even use their phones after the game. For an enterprise, this problem provides a perfect opportunity for luring shoppers. The business should consider offering a charging station close to the firm. As the players visit the place to recharge their phones, they are likely to buy a few items from it. In fact, the business can also declare the station as only usable by the players who shop at the store, during which they recharge their phones when shopping.

Usually, adverts captivate the attention of the buyers, and businesses use them to entice shoppers. Some Pokémon such as the Pikachu are rare and only exist in particular locations. If such Pokémon exists in an area close to the business, then it should advertise to have players visit the place, during which they can buy products from the store. Advertisements should also extend to informing the buyers about the new products as well as those on offer or promotion. If the store uses its Pokémon Go account to advertise its, then players will get the information and visit it to shop.