Value of Soft Skills in High Tech World


Value of Soft Skills in High Tech World 

In an era dominated by technology and affinity for highly skilled workforce, very many people end up overlooking some of the most important aspects that end up compromising the integrity and ethos of companies- soft skills. People are so obsessed with your hands on skills that they end up forget the most important skills without which, all your premium abilities and ingenuity are more or less useless. So, what really are soft skills and what is the value of these soft skills in a high-tech world?

Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that make someone a good employee and compatible to work with. These are competencies that an employee is not taught in school. These are skills and personal attributes that become a part of you as you grow. They are greatly influenced by your attitude, self-discipline and general view of life. For long, these were skills that were overlooked because the previous generations almost seemed to hone these skills by default. This cannot be said about the modern day millenials. They tend to treat these essential skills as a bonus rather than a necessity. So, what really is the value of these skills they ask? Who needs positive attitude when I can use my skills and prowess in technology to get things done? Why do I need soft skills in such a high tech world?

Truth be told, without soft skills, you are as good as a computer to the company. If you can’t relate to your peers well enough and show the perfect work ethics, chances are the company will get rid of you in no time. Cultural sensitivity and relationship building surpass your hands on skills because it really is easy to train someone on how to write code for example that teaching someone to appreciate his peers more.

Irrespective of the type of job you are in, soft skills are a necessity and their importance cuts across the board. They are skills that not only affect you as an individual worker but affect the overall integrity of the company or firm you are working for. It is the interpersonal relation within the office that dictate the performance of the company. If you are not relating well with your peers and live on grapevine rumours and backstabbing, your work ethics will be in jeopardy and in no time, the company ethos will be threatened.

Without trust and a positive mind-set among the workers, progress of the company will all prove elusive. Without proper communication skills among the peers working in a company, problem solving will become a problem. People will become more self-centred and egocentrism will take centre stage. We all know how difficult it is to progress without teamwork. Cliques will start popping up in the work place and unhealthy competition will creep in. Decision which would otherwise have been unanimous, will be receiving unnecessary criticism because the workmates will be engaging in supremacy wars. All in all, without these skills, the company will be burnt down to the ground and we have seen this happen to even big corporations. So, as a manager or a CEO, do you wait until it’s too late before you act or what do you do?

It really is high time that the regard for soft skills went back to what it was ten or twenty years ago. It is time people started taking these skills seriously and it begins with those in charge of hiring. I am not suggesting that we downplay the hands on skills because they essentially run the systems but I am suggesting that we begin regarding soft skills more. It is time to start looking at personal attitude and work ethics of people and hire them not just on their qualifications but their professionalism and work ethics.

As for the millenials looking to take up positions in this high tech world, it is time for a reality check. However great or brilliant you think you are, making it in this space will be a tough ask if you don’t hone these soft skills from an early age. They are not a tough ask per se! You only need to start learning on how to effectively communicate with your peers, learn how to relate well within the office and maintain self-discipline. Learn to respect power and authority rather than fear the bosses. Learn to brainstorm with your peers or the betterment of your skills. This merged with your personal qualifications will make you an all-round baked candidate ideal for this high tech world.

The world needs technology now more than ever. We however need sensible technologists and millenials if we are to move forward. Neglecting the soft skills could mean that the world tomorrow will be run by bots and computers and that is something nothing wants to see. Let’s start regarding soft skills today for a better world tomorrow.

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