VR Graphic Designer in Houston Texas


Skills offered include:

— Graphic Design —
Original artwork, layout and design for print and web.
programs: Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro

—- Web Design —-
From planning User Experience and designing comps to building live CMS websites.
skills: HTML, CSS, some PHP and Javascript, WordPress, Foundation

——— Art ———
Illustration and fine art commissions.
skills: Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

Save time and money!
Spend your time in what really matters: your project. We will deal with all the rendering.

The best working method
We work with a own platform where you can keep track of your projects.

Imagery Design
Our multidiciplinary team create the best digital compositions to represent your ideas.

*Product design
*3D scenes

VR has seen over 4 billion dollars in investment funding since 2010 and is about to become the biggest industry growth machine since mobile phones. Already there has been a separation in platforms and compatibility, such as Oculus vs. Vive, or Google Cardboard vs. MozVR. Now that has changed! There’s a version of VR for the internet that works on multiple devices with web browsers using WebGL including iPhones, Android, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox; with more to follow. The experience is currently best on a desktop PC, allowing you to move around while with mobiles it’s a stationary experience. The newest mobile phones have a hard time processing medium to large experiences, but the future looks good for mobile too!

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