Wake Up at 6am to Skype Russia



You might not think that’s a big deal… but I go to sleep around 3am… Right now it’s 2:13am… but I have to finish learning a few things and of course this blog.  I’m trying my best not to forget to blog daily… which means I blog right now.  I’m not a morning person.  I bet that’s surprising.  In college I forced myself to have a normal sleep pattern.  This only resulted in extremely unproductive mornings.  Cat videos… that’s what I do when I wake up earlier than I should.  I am excited to Skype with a marketing team in Russia. I’m training them… sort of pro bono but with upside.  The upside is interesting and something I really wanted.  Life has been busy and I’ve largely ignored my friends this month…. which is okay… since I’ll see a lot of them this weekend.  I can justify ignoring them… because I knew I would spend this entire weekend hangout with them.  It’s fair.

I want to visit Hong Kong soon.  There are so many things I want to buy…. and I’ve managed my money somewhat well over the past two months (better than normal).  The lack of girlfriend during this period has kept my bank account nice and healthy.  Hong Kong is almost identical to New York City.   Good food and everyone stays up late.  When I lived in New York I could look out my Water Street apartment and still see people working in the offices.  No matter what time of night.  Very reassuring that I’m not crazy for being up at weird times.

All of this means I should be an owl… like a real owl.

I’m happy.  Everything is falling into place.  It took longer than I would have liked… I don’t have any complaints now.  PPC is something I find extremely fun to do.  I’m just not apt at the sales part… yet.

Well it’s somehow 2:44am.  I went out to do mail stuff…  Is it weird that I get mail this late at night?  A little?  Almost time to head off to bed.