Ways Game Stores Can take Advantage of Pokémon Go


Ways Game Stores Can take Advantage of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the gaming world by storm.The game saw a large number of players downloading the game a few days after it was first released.Businesses including game stores can take advantage of the craziness to capitalize on their business. Here are few techniques that work.

1. Requesting a PokeStop for the game store

It entails submitting a request form to get a Pokestop for your store. The Pokestop will show on the map of the players. For easier identification, it will be spotted using a blue cube on the map. It is one of the easiest ways that game stores can take advantage of the game to get noticed.

2. Invite people to come play

Thanks to the increasing users and subscribers to the social media platforms, game stores can invite people to play Pokémon Go in their specific locations. To make it more exciting, make it into the contest. While at it, ensure that that the players follow all the rules.

3. Charging stations and free Wi-Fi

Let us all admit we it; we love freebies. Game stores can offer charging points and free Wi-Fi for the players. If you want to get a high number of players, the two vital items must be present. Use social media and other media outlets to let the people know.

4. Tags

Game stores can ask the players to tag them their photos whenever they get to your store. Sharing and tagging help game stores a big deal.

5. Encourage check in during play time

Owners of game stores should encourage the players to check in whenever they are playing. The check -ins will lead to positive reviews or more players visiting your game store.

6. Allow players to take photos of Pokémon alongside your products

The players can aim Pokémon on the products or services they are interested in purchasing. Allow them to share the product, tag the business name and offer a special discount to them.

However, ensure that the instructions are issued in a clear and precise manner.

7. Film the players

There are several ways to this point. For instance, the employees can film the players with their permission. Alternatively, they can film the special moments of the game such as when the players successfully catch a special Pokemon.

Live filming of the videos is ideal for platforms such as Facebook.

8. Set up lures at Pokestops

It is a costly venture but worth the efforts. In the game, the Pokestops are located in landmarks and places of interest. Game stores can use the same concept. Placing lure modules will alert players in the locality thereby alerting other players.

9. Sharing on social media

Share the films and screenshots on social media. Include a caption that mentions the players.

10. Free water

It is a technique that may work during summer. Provide water for players who will pass by your store in between the game locations.


Game stores should take advantage of the craziness of the game as means of making their businesses popular. The tips and tricks are easy to follow and implement.



Profiting From Pokemon Go: How Businesses Can Take Advantage