Web Design and Development Audit for Business-Owners in Houston


Web Design and Development Audit for Business-Owners in Houston 

Is Your Website Doing Enough For You and Your Clients?

Business websites are the invisible link between companies and their potential clients. Creatively designed websites enhance the user experience and clearly, communicates about the brand quality. This important investment should be handled delicately, as there’s a fine line between thousands, even millions visiting your site and leaving the next second.

And if it means the world to you and your business too, then:

•  Set a realistic timeline for your web design, development and marketing

When deeply informed and well researched, a website can reach out to your target audience and attract them to your brand. Getting the demographics of your potential clientele right takes time and effort too. Browsing through websites that reflect what you have in mind for your site can take a full workload off your web designer, and is the first step to a successful web development.

•  Avoid flashy and unflattering web design

Flashy is good, but not too flashy. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and your clients will enjoy browsing through pages with a simple theme and layout. You should place your contact form and other relevant details strategically within the first page; otherwise, the site visitor will be left clueless about the next step from browsing the site.

•  Have a clear call-to-action

Get creative and surprise your site visitors with a cheesy, artistic call-to-action that clearly communicates what you want them to do; after all, that is why they come to you in the first place. Keep them easy, in bold colors that stand out and above the fold where they can be easily spotted.

Ultimately, your main goal should be to put your business out there in a simple, user-friendly way, while at the same time boldly speaking that you are a strong brand.

Say it out loud

The best content: intuitive, engaging; with practical tips that relate to the client’s needs clearly “speaks” to the site visitors. And this is good for business. You don’t want someone bored, half through the page only to leave without leaving the contact information. If you can’t do it yourself, then hire a professional who can script an excellent copy that is readable and entertaining.

Build SEO friendly site

Your website is of little help to your business if the search engines cannot locate it. Creating your content around keywords and frequently editing your content is just one of the SEO techniques. Research on the trending SEO methods and the track record of the company you intend to hire to meet your needs.

Three tips to choosing a web designer that will do the work, and make it work for you!

•  Go through dozens of portfolio

Checking out a designer’s portfolio is the best way to know if they can get the work done for you, as well as to assess if it’s in line with your goals.

•  Digital marketing skills are a bonus

Marketing your products and services online can be a daunting task especially if you’re new to it. A web designer who can give you useful tips on digital marketing can set you off on a journey of marketing success.

•  Find someone you can work with in the long run

You may have heard someone say “never mix business with pleasure, ” but your online business needs the closest ally you can get. If you can’t get a close friend who can do the job, find someone you like; if your gut feeling tells you that they’ll be around for the next five years.

Use online tools to audit your website and turn insights into sales actions

A website audit is time-consuming, and you need all the help you can get. There are many online tools; some are for sale while others are free, that can help you spot areas that need your attention. These tools are very useful in marketing.

•  Piwik

This open source software features a customizable dashboard, a view of your site visitors and a plugin marketplace that extends functionality. It’s free if hosted on your server. Piwik Cloud will cost you 49€/month to scan up to 300,000 page views per month.

•  Mixpanel

This analytics platform has a unique view- for $150/month; it examines events such as detailed retention reports, customer groupings, behavior-based analytics and customer lifetime value. It also features support for automation and sends notifications to your customers on mobile and the web.

•  Foxmetrics

This analytics tool is based on events and is a recommended add-on to software such as Google Analytics. It tracks events such as clicks on links or file downloads. It features personal level tracking, real-time analytics, and unlimited users for only $20/month per 100,000 requests.

•  Woopra

Woopra gets to the details, building behavioral profiles for each visitor, showing the data that matters to your business. Live chats, support for teams, real-time statistics and a mobile app are some of the support features of this software. The price $79.95/month for 400,000 actions/month.

Choosing the right analytics package

Select the best package by how best it serves your needs: your business goals, metrics, technical requirements and budget. Additional features and ease of use are also worth considering.

While these online tools may sift through the bulk of data your website collects, the quality of data ultimately depends upon your effort and dedication to your clientele.