Web Designer Resume Template in Houston Texas


I’m a senior web developer who loves programming. I love code and building exciting web products. I’ve worked on many high traffic websites and have built many products within my career that I’m quite proud of. I recently built rideship.com and ambiohealth.com from scratch and I’m looking to work at a company that is looking for a developer who is passionate about building great products. I would love the opportunity to show you my coding chops.

Objective: To obtain an exciting position developing applications that change the world

I am an experienced full stack web/mobile developer with extensive experience in PHP and MVC. Active member in the open source community. I specialize in building products from conception to final product. I have more than 6 years of experience building PHP5 based products under the MVC architecture. Master of scrum and well versed in agile based software development cycle. Experienced with test driven development and QA using frameworks such as PHPunit, simpletest. I can work in a rapid sprint cycle environment and work on high traffic web sites. I am well versed in developing applications that scale well and utilize caching/clean database models to handle load gracefully.

I pride myself on being a pragmatic developer and a person who can hit the ground running on any project. I can easily get up to speed on software by just reading source code and not needing to read documentation.

Skills Summary:
Five years of experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and Image Ready
Six years of experience with PHP/MYSQL/MSSQL development
Six years of experience with XHTML / CSS
Experience with HTML5 and Canvas
One year of experience with MongoDB and NOSQL
One year of experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
Experience with TCP/IP development and network engineering
Experience with Zend Framework, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Symfony, and MVC methodology
Experience with Jquery, Dojo, and many other javascript libraries
Experience with OOP and writing large scale, robust web applications
Experience with EXTJS javascript framework
Experience with JSON, XML, XSL
Experience with subversion and version control
Experience with GIT and GITHUB
Experience with C++
One year of experience with Java
Experience with transport layer technologies such as SOAP, REST
Experience with memcache and HTTP caching
Experience with Akamai caching
Experience with Facebook API, Twitter API, Youtube API, Sendgrid API, Twilio API and many others
Experience with LESS/Grunt.JS Concat Compiler
Experience with Backbone.js / MVC based javascript development
One year of experience with Drupal
Five years of experience with Javascript
One year of experience with Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0
One year of experience with Flex
Two years of experience in Unix and Windows Sys admin