Weekend Errands are Annoying



I’m still horrible at errands.  It takes 1-2 hours to do banking… and way too long to do grocery shopping.  I choose to drive 30-40 minutes, although walmart is next door.  I spend too much time and money eating at restaurants that don’t taste good.  And I’m not great at laundry/house work or anything like that.  Considering all of these factors and my need to find an apartment… soonish I’m searching for a roommate… no not in the creepy craigslist way.  My roommates in the past have all been awesome.  My Freshman year roommate Steve and I played poker every Thursday, talked about life for hours, and got good at WOW.  At the time we employed a legion of Gold Farmers in China.  My sophomore roommates, Olsi and Peter were the best when it came to cooking food to eat.   I had 5 other roommates.. or I guess suite mates…. for a grand total of 8.  Overall roommates are a blast.  And then Junior year… Dwayne…

Dwayne and I were perfect roommates.  We’d buy subway sandwiches to store in the fridge so we could binge on anime for days… I’m talking about complete 24 hour days….  It was insane but so much fun.  Kevin our suite mate would join.. he was the instigator for the Naruto series binge.

Alan was my Senior year roommate for water street.  Chandra, first year of law school.  And my ex fiancee… the second year of law school/third year.  Lastly, Jibran for the summer of our Bar Exams (mainly as a study buddy).  I’ve had incredible roommates who I’ve learn so much from.  I chose a different set of roommates every year… not because I didn’t like the old set… but because I wanted another adventure.  Minus of course the ex fiancee which is an entirely different story….

I don’t know.  Having another roommate would be a ton of fun.  We could adopt many more pets.  There are a few solid candidates.  When I tell my friends, they think it’s strange.  I can afford my own house, but I’d miss out on learning about life and are the future experiences.  My roommates were instrumental in shaping the person I am today.  I miss them dearly.  I get to see a set of them this weekend.