Well That Weekend was Eventful

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It’s only 1am.  The night is still young.  I can probably grind out a few more hours of work.  But should I?  This weekend was a mixture of getting a lot done and nothing at all.

First of all I tutored a lot this weekend.  Way more than I expected.  Here’s what my schedule was like this weekend:

Friday Night: Read 3 graphic design books.  I mean I do have a library now.  🙂

Saturday: Tutored for 3.75 hours.  Brought food.. you know to survive.  Made 12 videos for my hobby channel which is now at 4.5 Million views.  And I think that was it. Oh and made a seafood broil with snow crabs.

Sunday: Tutored for 4 hours.  Napped.  Made 4 videos for this particular channel.  Haha… I just remembered I need to do laundry.

Since I don’t live anywhere near my students it normally takes about 45 minutes to get to their homes and back.  Tutoring therefore takes a huge chunk of my day.  Probably close to 5-6 hours if you include preparation time.  And then videos can be a nightmare… especially if you are not in the mood.  Oh I and I forgot I went to the gym on both days.  Yes….

Here’s what I have left to do:

PPC cheat sheet

7 Book a Day Videos




And other stuff I’m forgetting.

Probably something bill related too since it is the beginning of the next month.

While I’m proud of all the things I did get done, the things I didn’t get done are annoying to think about.  I guess if I’m diligent and stay up a little later I can finish laundry and dishes, and maybe get a midnight run in.  I love running late at night.  Minus the bugs, but I prep with tons of bug spray.

Okay look forward to more videos very soon.  I guess if I’m incredibly productive I can finish the PPC cheat sheet in the morning.  Nah…  Haha.