What Being a Startup Means to me?


A startup is an idea…. a mere concept… made more real by effort and execution.  It’s a hunger and desire to be more tomorrow then you are today.  It’s creating content on Friday night instead of drinking with friends. It’s sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.  It’s not fancy laptops… or ergonomic chairs.  It’s raw and untamed.  The last piece I’m learning is sales.  It’s become a lot easier now… then before.  Once I add that tool and iOS development to my skill set… I’ll be ready to roar.  In fact, I would say my current sales ability is sufficient enough.  The last part is mobile apps… in particular iOS.  I decided to give the next 12 hours to pursue that..

I would give up my entire weekend… since the finish line is so near… but I promised I’d volunteer this weekend.  And I need to buy food.  Gosh… buying food… so boring.  But I’ll do some something too.  Thank goodness.. I’m at the other office Cyber Monday….

If I have a productive Friday night it will set up the ability to finish iOS Sunday.  Which would be good.  Right now I’m looking at 14 videos… or at least 7 videos and 2 study guides.. iOS development and going to the gym…. This was a lot easier.. when it was noon….  Did I really spend the last 3 hours doing PPC research?  Crazy.  Oh… I got a bunch of Facebook accounts which I’m happy about.  I can sharpen my fangs on those accounts.

As long as I stay away from Fall out 4… and Tomb Raider.  I should be able to knock out a lot tonight.  And then save food shopping and banking tomorrow.  And perhaps regular shopping as well.

Or and it’s small business Saturdays tomorrow.  We joined that.  I probably should go out and shop small.  I love the concept and the fact that AMEX is directly supporting it.  I already got my swag from AMEX.  Now I get to wait for many more packages… Yea…  I have another Google Award coming to the office.  And a lot of black friday things to the home.  I love receiving gifts… that I give myself.  Haha.

I have to go to the bank tomorrow.. ick.  I can only imagine how crowded it will be… the end of the month before holiday buying.  Okay.  I decided not to go out tonight.  I’ll head to the gym after this last blog is done. And buffer my social media accounts.

Tonight I’ll try to finish iOS.  And maybe the two articles.  That will give me slightly more to buffer…. And the videos.  I have to at least record them so I can begin uploading them.