What Hunger Feels Like


When I was younger we were poor.  Really poor.  The best memory I have to describe how poor we were is what I gave for birthday presents.  I gave a single pencil.  Yes… that’s how poor we were back then.  I remember going to bed hungry because we just didn’t have the money to buy food.  That being said, we never went on food stamps.  In reality, we should have… but I’m glad we never did.  I know what actual hunger feels like.  Not the startup hunger where you want to grow rapidly….. no actual hunger.  And that’s why I’m never afraid.  I go to bed = hungrier now…  But it’s not for food.  

In marketing and in particular software development there’s delays.  Many of my favorite video games… are delayed.  Or the dreaded downloadable content….  What a pain.  To my point, in my experience development always delays.  There is a myriad of reasons why… but I don’t like any of them.

The reason I behave the way I do isn’t because I have money (or my parents have money)… it’s because I’m not afraid to be poor… I’m not afraid to be hungry.  My only concern is to develop my skill sets beyond what they are today.  That’s a concept I can’t explain.  My skill set is what I value… the money is secondary to what I’m able to learn.  The more skills I collect the more unique I become.  I’ve collected a bunch of valuable ones.  But I’m always looking for new ones.

Hunger is what wakes you up at night.  It’s why I’m writing 6 blogs on a Friday…. and forcing myself to no to not go out so I can learn iOS development. I finished my basic python course which should be useful later.  Today, you can measure how hungry someone is.  If they do social media… check their social media is.  If they do SEO, check their website. If they do PPC, check their PPC account.  There’s no hiding… anymore.  Unless your boss is really inept… a possibility for sure.

Blog 3… meh.  Ever since college, I’ve always went to a library… and locked myself in… I would tell myself no food, no drink, no leaving until you finish your assignment.  This is largely how I survived law school.  I locked myself in a library and didn’t leave until my study guide was perfect or my articles were checked.

Now I own a library…  I’m constantly studying and growing.  I love my library.  It’s incredibly peaceful and I have so many productive late night theres.