I’m Grateful For all the Adventures of 2015


This year in closing was a good year.  Capped off by various adventures.  The first half of the year was fine.  It wasn’t as inspiring as the second half.  I did learn many important financial lessons.  And some marketing.  However, it’s not the adventure I’m currently progressing through.  The current adventure while more demanding is a lot more fun.  I’m learning at an accelerated and I can actually see the proverbial night at the end of the tunnel.

In 2015 I got to keep my Google Award and got another batch of auto dealerships to work with.  I prefer auto for PPC since they tend to be larger budgets.  My sharpened my PPC skills and went on a abyssal journey to find someone to train to take over my PPC accounts.  Finding good PPC help is rare… and training is difficult.

The other thing I got semi-good at, towards the end of the year, was sales.  I’ve always wanted to do sales.  It’s not easy and you have to get over your fear of rejection.  I’m glad I got to try it.  It’s a lot of fun, if you can deal with the negativity.  Which is sort of funny… since my YouTube channel was excellent training how to deal with trolls.  The only real life useful thing I’ve learned.  But an invaluable lesson nonetheless.  In theory, it’s the most important lesson for any startup… you have to fail.  And get right back to start the next day.

As for my goals based on numbers… I got there.   Or very close to it.  The only one I didn’t do as well as I expected was Instagram.  Pretty much I didn’t get it until the last two months.  It’s important for me to set goals for next years.   I like having numbers as my goals.  It’s an easy way to check progression.  Some people say that having numbers as your goals is terrible… those people clearly don’t work in PPC.  PPC is number driven… to the point that people make up weird calculations which don’t really add much… just to have even more numbers to given clients.

I still have a few days… And I’m not going to do nothing…. I expect to crunch 1,000 on Instagram before years end.  That would make a fitting New Years Present.  Which reminds me… a lot of presents got delayed in the mail.  I received a ton of them already… but apparently the Houston mail is withholding some packages…