What is PPC?


What is PPC?   

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing. Pay-per-click is a form of search engine advertising where the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. This is most commonly referred to as PPC. Advertisers fundamentally pay for visits to their sites instead of earning them organically. The premise behind this type of advertising holds that if the PPC model is working correctly the fee is trivial in comparison to what the traffic to a site will yield. In other words, the site visit is far more valuable than what an advertiser will pay for it.

Building a Succesful PPC Campaign

Before any ad is ever clicked, there is a whole campaign that goes on behind the scenes, from researching keywords and selecting the ones that will create the most clicks, to organizing the selected keywords to be used for campaigns and ad groups. It doesn’t stop there however, PPC landing pages that have been optimized for conversions also have to be set up. Building a successful PPC campaign is an extensive process. However, search engines reward advertisers that can create relevantly targeted PPC campaigns by discounting the fee per click. These savings can lead to greater profits for your business.

Google AdWords 

The most popular advertising system in the world is Google AdWords. This is a system that posts the ads of businesses on Googles search engines as well as other Google properties. This is a PPC model that allows users to bid on keywords and pay for them each time someone clicks on their advertisements. When a search is conducted, Google chooses the top set of AdWord advertisers to be displayed in the ad space on the search results page, based on the quality and relevance of their keywords, their ad campaign, and keyword bids; this determines an advertiser’s Ad rank. This result is decided based on a formula that multiplies the highest amount that an advertiser is willing to spend, times the click-through rate, relevance, and landing page results. This formula is essentially composed of the CPC bid multiplied times the quality score. The winning advertisers are allowed to reach customers at a cost expenditure that fits their budget.

The Value in PPC Marketing

Google gets extensive amounts of traffic and passes the clicks to your ads. The rate at which your PPC ads appear, depend on the keywords and match types you choose. If an advertiser makes sure to focus on relevant keyword lists and groups, as well as relevant ads, optimized landing pages, and a high-quality score, a PPC campaign can be very successful. These measures also ensure that advertisers will pay less per click just by maintaining a high-quality score.

Pay-per-click marketing is a style of internet marketing where advertisers pay a small fee every time one of their ads are clicked. It can be an effective marketing tool when the proper recipe is followed to create a strong PPC campaign. Conducting thorough research to determine the best keywords to use and organizing those chosen keywords into campaigns and ad groups are the building blocks of prosperity for a successful campaign. Google AdWords is the most popular type of PPC campaign and can be an extremely successful vehicle for advertisers. Google gets a large amount of traffic which is an invaluable resource for a PPC campaign because this traffic is passed to advertiser ads, creating multiple opportunities for clicks.

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