What this Weekend Has in Store for Me?


First off… lots of PPC.  Onboarding clients takes a lot of time… since the accounts are from scratch.  And then updating my social media.  Watching the Super Bowl of course.  And buying things online.  I’m fairly happy with this week.  I completed a lot of tasks.  Although… I ignored many more.  Since I started working more from home…. I can’t differentiate time as well.  It all seems to blur.  I like it.  I’ve had several crunch downs this week.  6 hour crunches which are incredible productive.  And I’m napping relatively frequently.  All of this means I’ve optimized my work life.

I’m saving my video making for Saturday night.  Or Sunday.  I’m not in the mood right now.  Since I make 10-20 and even 30 videos in one shooting… I have to be in a good mood or it really shows in the videos.  I’m hoping to get some exercise and finish off these blogs.  Upload them on the buffer and let that be that.

I’ve made significant progress on sales.  I got tiger fangs now.  They suit me well.  As for everything else…. I’ve decided I want this bad enough to give up more of my social life.  It’s a fair exchange.  I want to be the best at what I do… to do so I need more time.  The only thing I can cut from is social life.  I’m not a hermit…. and I can be extremely social if necessary.  For now my time is best served getting to my goal.

I’m happy.  The goal is reachable…. I can smell it.  I know how to get to it… the only resource I need is time.  If I’m super productive I can also binge code.  But that would be an incredible Friday…. I guess it’s truly Saturday morning.  And then Saturday if I can shoot all the videos.. wow.  that would be something.  It would leave Sunday to watch the Super Bowl and plus on taxes.  Video shooting has become harder.  It’s relatively boring.  I say pretty much the same things over and over again.

Lame.  However.. it does work.  And if my end goal is to get the numbers I want.  I have to do it over and over again.  Social Media is so addictive.  I’m closer to my goal now then I was in June.  It’s still distant.  But at least now I understand what it is.  Now off to get some exercise.  Shower… and then binge on some code.  Oh I want 50K in coding points.  I’m at 40K now… but each point is harder now to obtain then previously.