What to do when Amazon PPC Clicks but No Sales 

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What to do when Amazon PPC Clicks but No Sales 

When doing Amazon PPC, special considerations have to be made to ensure that your campaign is at the best angle to bring forth the results. In a bid to maximize the effectiveness of your Amazon PPC campaign, you have to identify the trigger factors that drive your campaign and respond to the same. But there are times when the campaign does not go according to plan where you may find you have clicks but no sales. There are plenty of factors that can contribute to this and addressing them is what will give you a shot at streamlining your campaign.

What leads to Amazon PPC clicks but no sales?

Getting clicks and impressions but no sales is a phenomenon that most marketers have experienced in the recent past and it is a factor that has mainly been brought about by ineffective targeting strategies.  Constant adjustments are needed to ensure campaigns run smoothly. ROI and ACoS go hand in hand, whereby your Advertising Cost of Sales should give you the foundation to get significant ROI. When you are getting Amazon PPC clicks but no sales, the problem you are experiencing is a high ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) where there are lots of clicks but no sales to match the clicks.

Plenty can be put forward to explain the phenomenon and reasons include seasonality, personal model and category nuances. Lack of relevance can also be mentioned as a possible reason why you are getting plenty of clicks but no sales. This then means that that when you bid on keywords or your campaign, you have to be relevant and identify what you really want and what will suit your campaign perfectly.

However, in high sight, just focusing on sales isn’t the correct approach since one sale with a 40% margin is actually worth a whole lot more than 5 sales with 5% margin and this is what should be on your mind when making the crucial decision to settle on a strategy for your Amazon PPC advertising.

What are the remedy measures for Amazon PPC clicks but no sales?    

The biggest concern you should have when you are getting Amazon PPC clicks but no sales should be your Sales copy. Added to that, you have to consider and evaluate your offer, headline and the match type of your Ad which are aspects that collectively contribute to the success of your Ad.

Here is an action plan you should follow when you are faced with the problem.

Test three core areas

There are three core areas that you have to test if you are to stand in good stead to identify what is ailing your campaign as far as clicks are concerned but no sales.

Search Terms

You have to make your search terms breed some relevance and also bring your Ad some ranking that will allow people to not just simply click but go through the conversion funnel. Your search terms are the ultimate magnet for the target audience and thus they need to be exact and satisy the query that the users have.


The image that people see on your chosen Ad will ultimately dictate whether the clicks will lead to sales or whether they will be just impressions with no sales. Choose the images wisely as they will impact your bottom-line.


The titles determine the success that Ads will have. The first part of the title is the most significant since it determines whether the target audience will bite and resonate with the offer being made.

Commence automated campaigns

You will need insights into what your campaign is handling and in this, you will have to get reports that will allow you to optimize your campaign. Get the search terms that your target audience is interested in and has input in the search queries and optimize the same to fit in with your campaign.

Stay relevant

In order to stay relevant, you have to bid on the search terms that will bring you the sales, don’t just bid for a search term like “body cream” because it means you will only get clicks but no sales due to the broad targeting angle. With “body cream” you will only get clicks and these will come from the people who are not sure of what they want which will mean you will not generate any sales. Narrow terms like “anti-wrinkle cream” will make the grade and bring you sales.

Be careful with the title

The first 30-35 characters are the ones visible and they should be relevant enough to ensure you not only get clicks but also generate sales. Since buyers will only see the first 35 characters you have to make them count.

Consider the negative keywords

Without taking the negative keywords on board, you will ultimately see a lot of clicks but no sales. You must define the keywords that you don’t want your Ad to show for which will optimize your Ad for the relevant audience.

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