Who Does NOT Belong at a Startup?


Startups aren’t 9-5s.  They aren’t places to go on paid vacation for 2 weeks… right after the software launched.  If there’s a goal of 20 and you have 1… it is not time to go on vacation.  If one developer goes on vacation…. that doesn’t mean everyone goes on vacation.  Your goal is 20!!! not 1. Seriously… what is going on.  In a Startup the CEO takes out the trash, gets his or her own coffee, and is the first one in/last one out.  Startups are not for people whose only goal is to be paid a biweekly salary.  They are not places for people to be lazy and order $2800 MacBooks and ergonomic chairs.

And they are for sure not for people willing to delete the entire Operating System from company laptops. Why would you do that?  It makes no sense to me?  What do you have to hide?  Seriously… they were company laptops, what would ever give you the right to delete the operating system.

Everyone in a startup is equal.  Everyone has to do sales.  If you believe you are special… get out now.  No one is special at a startup.  There are no “stars” and no one is guaranteed a job.  Now that I got that rant out… I want to say who should work at a startup.

Believe.  If you believe and want equity.  Not a fat salary.  Then your goals will align with the goals of the company.  If you want to learn and develop, theres’ nothing better than a startup.  I’m forced to learn new things every day… It’s exciting and fun.   If you are a team player and listen.  Just because you are a developer doesn’t mean you can separate yourself form the team.  Saying “I’m busy” every time I go to talk to you… is petty.  And picking up your stuff to move to a different room… I mean seriously… why?

Startups are adventures.  It’s not the shared experience and belief the parts can create something greater.  Everyday offers new challenges and lessons.  You learn together.  And grow together.  The team is greater than the self.  Being selfish… and only wanting money… will doom a startup.  Startups can’t offer the highest salaries.  What they offer is the ability to grow as a person and learn to work with a team.  And equity.  If you don’t want equity in the product you are making… why even bother?  Don’t?  Please for your sake and the startup’s sake, don’t.