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Why Cosplay is Popular – Why Cosplay is Important

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Why Cosplay is Popular – Why Cosplay is Important

To some, Cosplay is just a hobby while for others it is a lifestyle. Whether you take part in it or not, it has become quite common in modern society. In this article, we at MTG Lion will try to explain what drives this popularity.

A lot of time and money is spent coming up with the costumes. This is all done so that the individual can take part in an event and embody a character they love. To casual onlookers, Cosplay is like dressing up for Halloween. However, to those who know better, it is more than just that. For them, it is an art allows you to fully immerse yourself in character and perform in front of your fans.

A bit of History

Initially, it was called costuming and began in the late 1930s in North America. Back then, cosplayers were not required to mimic their favorite character. Instead, they only had to dress in the right attire for their genre. At the time, prizes would be given to anyone who showed up in the best costume.

In Japan, Manga drove cosplaying; Japanese college students began to dress up as their favorite characters at conventions. Borrowing the practice from the US, fans would attempt to reenact the scenes they loved most. This added to the excitement and allowed them to display their love for a Manga series.

However, the term Cosplay was only invented in 1984. It was a word born out of a combination of Costume and play. Nobuyuki Takahashi, a Japanese Reporter, coined it after he attended the Worldcon in LA. He settled on cosplay since he thought masquerade sounded too old-fashioned for his Japanese audience.

Why do people do it?

There are various reasons why people do it. Here are just a few of them:

  • Fun

One of the major reasons people dress up as their favorite characters is that it is a lot of fun. You will be able to dress up as a character you love and meet up with other people dressed up and have fun. Besides that, you will be able to get into exciting discussions with those around you about these characters. Cosplay is an awesome way to spice up your life and have fun with others who share similar interests.

  • To be part of a community and socialize with others

Man is a social being, and most of the things we do are because we are able to socialize. When you attend a Cosplay event, you will most likely meet thousands of people there just to socialize. You will be able to hang out with fellow nerds and discuss various topics that you would have otherwise been uncomfortable discussing. Thus, if you are looking for a new and interesting way to socialize with others, you should join cosplay events.

  • To monetize

While many cosplayers do it for fun, there are those who make a living off it. In the world of cosplay, some celebrities take a lot of time and effort to come up with professional costumes that are truly stunning. These cosplayers are invited to conventions as cosplay models. These cosplayers have a huge following on social media, which they utilize for influencer marketing and make a living off it. They will usually sell autographed photos of themselves. On top of that, they are usually paid for consultancy work during the creation of video games.Although monetization is great for cosplay, it can also expose cosplayers to scams. Some have been invited to foreign countries only to learn that they were being scammed.

Besides that, sometimes those who choose professional cosplay are ridiculed, and some do not take them seriously. Despite that, they have persisted, and some do make quite some good cash off their profession. If you are thinking of monetizing your cosplay, do not be dissuaded by any ridicule that you may suffer along the road.

  • To identify with a character

One of the reasons why people cosplay is because they want to identify with a certain character. If that character has a deep meaning for you because of how they are portrayed, you are at liberty to dress up as them. This can be thought of as a way to express yourself in a world where you feel misunderstood. In fact, it is the sole reason some of the people at cosplay conventions ever show up. They view it as an opportunity for them to express themselves to the world.

  • An opportunity to use your imagination

In the modern world, the opportunities for you to showcase your imagination to the world are limited. However, Cosplay gives you an opportunity to do that. You will get to reimagine a character you like in any shape that you like. Nobody is going to judge you for whatever reimagining you choose.

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