Why do You Want This Job: How to Find a Job in 2020

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Why do You Want This Job: How to Find a Job in 2020

When preparing for a job interview, one question you can expect to be asked is the dreaded “why do you want this job?”. As per discussions on the same over at the excellent RunRex.com, this is a question most job seekers love to hate, a bit like the “tell me a bit about yourself” question. However, for those conducting the interview, this is a very important question if they are to identify interviewees who are the right fit for them. This question, contrary to what you may think, is not designed to have you suck up to the interviewers and boost their egos. It is a question designed to give the hiring managers an idea on whether or not you would fit into the culture at their company. They also use this question to find out what your motivations for applying for the job are, as per the subject matter experts over at RunRex.com. Most hiring managers have found that those who apply for jobs for the wrong reasons end up not staying that long and therefore this question helps them know if you are there for the long haul or not. Given the importance of this question, it is important that you know how to go about answering it if you are to find a job in 2020, something this article will look to help with.

One thing that should come out very clearly when answering this question, as per the gurus over at RunRex.com, is how much you know about the company. Most people take this opportunity to talk about how much they are excited about joining the team if they get accepted, but the best way to show enthusiasm is not to talk about it but to show it, which can only happen if you actually take your time to research about the company beforehand. You should make sure your answer to this question brings out how much you know about the company and why it will be a good match for you. Some of the ways you can know more about the company you are interviewing for beforehand include checking out their website, reaching out to trusted contacts in your network for information on the company, looking at how they are covered in the media and so forth, as discussed in detail over at the excellent RunRex.com. You don’t have to include everything you know about the company in your answer, just a few of the key factors, especially those that dovetail with your own values and goals.

Another thing that should come out very clearly when answering this question is impressing on the interviewers exactly why you are the right person for the job. One way through which you can bring this aspect out is by talking about your experience and how it has prepared you for the job you are interviewing for. Talk about how much your experiences in the field of concern have helped mold you and prepare you for the task at hand. Other than talking about your experience, another way to bring this aspect out is talking about your skills. As per the folks over at RunRex.com, talk about how your skillset is particularly suited to the job you are applying for and what you will add to the company. Try to highlight some of the desired skills you think the job requires and how you are well placed to bring them to the table. Remember not to be too wordy, there will be plenty of time later on to talk about your skills and experience and how they are relevant to the company. Here, just highlight a couple of key skills and experiences.

As mentioned earlier on, this question is designed to show the hiring managers your motivation for applying for the job. This is why when answering the question, the subject matter experts over at RunRex.com recommend that you make it clear that the position is right in line with your own career progression and trajectory. You don’t want it to come out that you see this job as pit stop, using it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. You want it to come out that this job is where you see your career at that point in time and that you will be around for the long haul. Let it be known how long you have been looking forward to work in such a company and how you see working there to be part of your long-term plans. You don’t have to specifically say how you see yourself working in that position for a log time, just let it be known how and why the job makes sense for you now and the foreseeable future.

If you can be able to put together an answer that incorporates all the three aspects above, then you can be sure that your answer will impress the hiring managers and you can be sure of getting that job in 2020. If you are looking for more information on this and other related topics, especially on how to prepare for a job interview, then head over at the excellent RunRex.com.