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Why Drawing is a Good Hobby – Why Drawing is good for you

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Why Drawing is a Good Hobby – Why Drawing is good for you

For a long time, drawing has been considered to be a thing for just a few people who are talented and passionate about it. However, there is more to drawing than just marking images on a piece of paper. Drawing is a way of thinking in itself. It is a way one can express their emotions and bring meaning to moments in their lives. There are a number of benefits that come with drawing and MTG lion explains why drawing is good for you.

1.    Visualization

Drawing can help you visualize the various components that make the world around you. It can be hard to process all the data and information one comes across every day but with drawing, one can visualize how the different things that may seem unrelated are components of one great thing. Emotionally, drawing can be a way for one to bring out their emotions and transform them into something visual.

2.    Helps improve your concentration and attention to details

To bring out that perfect image, one needs to be focused and block any form of distractions. You need to focus on your drawing and what you are drawing. This practice can help one be more effective. With concentration, you get to notice other details that you might have missed before due to lack of concentration. Attention to details is very important when coming up with a piece of art. This attention to details when drawing can spill to other aspects of your life hence improving your performance in other areas as well.

3.    Drawing enhances creativity skills

Science has proven that drawing is a great way of enhancing the creativity skills that one already manifests. This means drawing can help you always look for simpler and more effective ways of solving issues and making things work.

4.    Improves your body coordination

Drawing helps improve your hand-eye coordination. The more you draw, the better your brain, your eyes and your hands harmonize. It becomes much easier to record what you see around you and what you imagine in your head and feel within you on paper.

5.    Drawing is good for brain development

This is particularly visible in kids. Drawing helps enhance the development of their brain by putting all parts of the brain to work. The left side of the brain is usually responsible for facilitating logical thinking while the right side is for creativity. When these parts are put to work regularly, your brain begins to function better and more efficiently.

6.    Drawing helps one develop analytical skills

Drawing involves paying attention to detail and continuously making decisions of where to curve, where to shade and how to do that. These decisions are often made subconsciously. This, in turn, improves one’s problem-solving and decision making skills. Often when drawing, one will make errors. The keen eye for detail will quickly help you notice the error and the analytical skills come into play to determine how best to correct the error.

7.    Drawing is a way of relieving stress

Art is a way of expressing the intangible feelings inside into something visible. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by bringing out your emotions and drawing is one of the best ways. It helps you calm down and allows you to open up your mind by releasing whatever is stressing them. Also, drawing is known to provoke positive emotions that help one overcome the negative and stressful thoughts.

8.    Drawing is a form of therapy/meditation

For most people who draw, engaging in the act of drawing gives them some form of relaxation and the feeling of being at ease. In fact, drawing is one of the things some therapists use with their patients. The concentration, the imagination and trying to bring harmony with the various thoughts and ideas in your brain amounts to some form of mediation and therapy. It makes you to be more aware of your surroundings and make you be at peace with yourself.

9.    Satisfaction and pleasure

Starting out with a blank piece of paper and finishing up with amazing images that bring out what you feel inside or what has been occupying your mind is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.

10.    It is a way of communicating

One of the best ways to communicate in a language that you best understand is by drawing. You get to use representations and symbols to communicate a feeling or a thought that cannot be put into words. And the beauty of communicating with images is that it is a language that knows no boundaries. Anyone from any corner of the earth can understand the language of pictures.

In a world full of distractions and stress, getting a hobby that allows you to communicate your emotions without having to use words is regarded as a blessing. The therapeutic nature, the other benefits and the fact that drawing is the most feasible hobby to start is enough to prove that it is a good hobby for you.