Why Every Law Firm Should Play Pokemon Go


Why Every Law Firm Should Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest gaming phenomenon that has taken the United States by storm. But what does it have to do with practicing law? Why should law firms care about an augmented reality game application? After all, all lawyers are busy running their business and practicing law. So how can this tech craze offer any real lessons for lawyers? Even though it’s less than five months since Pokemon was released in the US, there are a few things law firms can learn from it.

But first things first. If you don’t know what Pokemon is yet, it is an augmented reality smartphone application whose users are more than double those of Twitter and which has been downloaded more than two times as Tinder. It overlays an augmented location over the users location and places the Pokemon world into their reality. Players must walk around to gain experience by playing in gyms, obtain supplies as well as to obtain Pokemon by hatching them from eggs by walking stipulated distances or catching them when they encounter them.

Whether or not you love playing Pokemon, there are a few things that it can teach you as well as benefit your law practice.

The value of staying abreast of changes

Understanding the intricacies of Pokemon may not be your top priority. But even so, taking note of the game is crucial as it’s a change that’s affecting our culture. It may seem irrelevant to law practice but after a few weeks of playing the game, you’ll begin to see its significance. Several lawsuits relating to the game have already been filed. For instance, a lawyer in Northern District of California filed a lawsuit against the company behind Pokemon, and one of his alleges was that Pokemon Go players were interfering with the use and enjoyment of his property. A teacher from Florida also filed a suit with accusing the company behind Pokemon of unfair trade practices in regard to use of consumer data by the app. Regardless of the practice area, it makes sense to keep up with the latest technology trends, in this case Pokemon Go, and other cultural trends.

Importance of clear communication

Pokemon Go creators learnt about the importance of clear communication when they removed key features without notice to their users. This update caused an angry stir among the players who took to the internet to voice their opinions. The players became further frustrated when Niantec refused to respond to the criticisms for a while. Niantec finally gave an explanation to their actions, and it never really satisfied the players. Law firms can learn the importance of patent and prompt communication with clients from this mistake. Rather than use legalese, simple terminology is better when discussing cases with clients. And while the news will not always be good, everything is better handled with honest and clear communication.

Don’t get left behind. While you don’t have to partake in every technology craze that comes along, playing Pokemon Go can prove beneficial for your law firm. Take time out of the busy schedule to familiarize with the basics of the augmented reality app. If anything, you have more to gain than lose as a law firm.