Why Hiring for PPC is Difficult?


Since the olden times… when I was at the other agency, I was tasked with hiring the right PPC person.  In theory this would free up my time and allow me to choose more productive things.  Year and years later I still haven’t found the right hire.  The crazy part is that I’ve tried soo hard.  I tried training.  I tried hiring someone with experience.  I tried everything… and nada.  Why…  has fate forsaken me.  I’ve been successful hiring everything else but PPC.  It’s not that difficult right?

One of the things most people don’t understand is a simple mistake in PPC can result in lost of an account.  My first PPC account was 200K… AdWords alone was 150K.  Through trial and error… I got it.  In reality it was due to very understanding clients who trusted me… and wanted to develop me.  I’m sure I made my batch of mistakes… I tend to want to overspend… excellent ROI is excellent ROI.  I’ve seen learn to save a little extra at the tail end of each month to experiment with.  I love my experiments.  I’m able to do some pretty creative things and learn a lot of new things as well.

PPC is difficult to teach.  I tutor a lot…  and at a very high level.  However, I have never been able to teach PPC.  It’s related to how I learned PPC.  Trial by fire.  No one taught me how to do things… I learned it my own way.  As an agency… I can’t afford people making mistakes on live accounts.  I was lucky to have clients who encouraged me to experiment.  My clients would watch me fail… and then give me more money.  Eventually I created extremely unique and optimized campaigns no one else could.  Failure is the path to success.   This type of client is a rarity in marketing.  I currently have one account like this…. only one.

What has annoyed me… to use that term lightly is I haven’t been able to teach anyone…  It’s crazy… I teach SAT, ISEE, and all times of AP tests… but I can’t teach PPC … the thing I know best.  You can’t teach behavior… PPC is for people who check budgets and ask questions.  There are so many questions to ask about basic PPC accounts.  And unless you know what to ask… the account you are managing is doomed at the start.

All of this negativity be said… I still love PPC.  And I’m still going to try to teach it… It’s worth learning and if you get good at it, the future is very bright.  I’m going to take this failure and figure out how to better teach PPC to the next person.  I’m really disappointed in myself that this experiment failed, but onto the next one.  Eventually I’ll find someone able to mimic my PPC style.  And wow… is it stylish.