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Why Photography is Expensive – Why Photography is an Art

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Why Photography is Expensive – Why Photography is an Art

Photography is great. Great photographers help capture object and events keeping them alive for years to come. But many people who have sought the services of a photographer can attest to the fact that they were charged a lot of cash. The reason why photography is quite expensive is not known to many. MTG lion explains the reasons for the costs in this post.

1.    Expensive gear

The best photographers have to work with the best equipment. Of course, when you hire a photographer, you expect quality service, and that can only be achieved with equipment of good quality. This equipment usually costs a lot of money and photographers have to make a huge investment to purchase them. Other than the equipment, they need to purchase renewable licenses and backup services, just to mention a few.

The fact that technology is evolving and new technologies are rising means that photographers too have to be up to date with the emerging technologies. Updating their gear and software is expensive.

2.    Time

While capturing the moments can take only a couple of hours, there is a lot more that goes on when they leave. The images have to be edited for perfection. This takes a lot of time. Also, there is the time taken for the photographer to travel to and from events and places.

3.    Experience

Photographers usually charge for their experience. An experienced photographer is usually in high demand given that they offer a guarantee of quality. They will charge you for their experience. The good thing is that they can advise you on the best way to take your photos.

4.    Premium services

The pro photographers go beyond just letting their portfolio speak for them. They join photography communities to learn more. Membership for some of these communities is paid for. Also, they have to maintain their website and other services like studio rent, phone bills and electricity bills.

5.    Quality and Uniqueness

Even with the best equipment, it takes a good photographer to capture perfect images. Different photographers have different styles that bring uniqueness in their photos. You would obviously expect something of high quality to cost more than something ordinary.

Given that a photographer takes photography as their profession, it is only logical that they take all these into consideration and reflect them in the charges they offer. Remember, they have to draw their livelihood from there too. So it should not come as a surprise that photography is quite expensive. There is much more that goes on backstage that justifies the costs.

Why Photography is Art

There has been a lot of debate for a long time of whether photography is an art or not. The debate is mainly grounded on the fact that photographers use technology and cameras to capture moments rather than using paint or sculpt or crave to create images. If you are one of those people, here are some reasons to convince you that photography is an art.

1.    A camera is only a tool

Just like painters use brushes and paints and sketch artists use pencils as their tools, photographers use the camera as their tool. The camera itself cannot capture images. The photographer has to apply their skills and creativity to ensure that they capture the moments or objects in the best and most unique way possible.

2.    Photography requires skills

There is more to photography than just clicking the shutter button to capture the image. Just like any other form of art, photography calls for one to have the necessary skills to operate the camera. The skills will determine the quality of pictures captured. Art is all about uniqueness, and it is only when you view the ordinary from a different perspective that you can capture the extraordinary details using your camera.

3.    Photographer have different skills

In photography too there are so many photographers out there and all have different skill levels. You can tell by the quality of their work. If photography was not an art, then anyone would be able to pick a camera for the first time and capture an image of the same quality as someone who has practiced photography for years.

4.    You can communicate with photos, just like any other form of art

Art is usually a form of expression mainly aimed at communicating a certain message. Photography too is a way of communicating a message. In fact, it takes more to communicate a message from something ordinary that people can see daily and just ignore. Being able to show a different perspective on something obvious is art itself.

Art is anything you materialize. It can come from nothing, or it can be inspired by what is around you. Photography is a way of capturing the moments that flash before peoples’ eyes every day that they may fail to notice. It takes more than just using the camera. It is the use of images to communicate and bring a new perspective to what’s around you.