Why You and I Don’t Work


I’m not adverse to drama.  I don’t like it…. and it’s annoying.  but if someone brings it to me… I’ll handle it.  Law is drama and I went to Law School which is like high school for type A drama majors.  I’m serious…  While you have to hire a lawyer… I’ll just retain myself.  Time is valuable… but the upside is I get extremely motivated during this period.  It’s like a jolt.  I love the feeling. Like I said… I’m sort of crazy when it comes to what drives me.

It’s 4am again… and I’m not even coding sprinting.  My sleep schedule is really out of whack.  I have to correct it this weekend.  I’m excited to finish my 4 hour Youtube series on K2.  From what I’ve watched so far it’s pretty awesome.  Way better than Infopath.  I can’t wait to add this to my skill set.  Which bring some to the holidays.  My parents are coming back from Hong Kong. Should be a good time.  I’ll have good food to eat for a while.  My sister and her fiancé are also visiting during new years.  Haven’t seen or talked to her fiancé even once.  No clue on that one.

And I get gifts.  I’m supposed to get one tomorrow.  And then there’s another in the mail.  I got a lot of stuff already… which I opened.  I have a christmas tree but honestly I’m not entirely sure I want to set it up… since that means I would have to leave the presents under the tree…. Under this optimized model I can open the presents when I receive them.  Surprisingly a lot of them are from people I met online.  Very cool.  I also got a present from Google.  Which I wore today.

I’ve always been pretty good at handling drama.  It tends to heighten my awards of things.  My greatest weakness is boredom.  If I’m bored, I don’t learn.  At this moment…. I’m extremely excited for this new adventure.  This year has been great.  Next year will be better.  This learn many my gifts were custom.  They were artwork or things of that nature.  Pretty cool in my opinion.

Anyways… I have to set up buffer for the next few days.  Lots of things to do tomorrow.  For sure I’m working at home tomorrow.  I just get more done… and there’s a lot of Facebook Ads things I need to do. And figure out.  The people at Facebook are very nice.  Not helpful… but extremely pleasant to talk with.