How Will Pokémon Go Change Your Industry?


How Will Pokémon Go Change Your Industry

Give yourself time to travel the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon Go on you Android and iPhone devices. With this game, you will discover Pokémon in a whole new world. The game is built on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and use real locations to encourage users to search far and wide. It allows you to find and catch over one hundred species of Pokémon as you explore your environment.

In the Pokémon video game series, developers have utilized the real-world locations like Kanto and Hokkaido regions of Japan, Paris, and New York to get inspiration for the fantasy settings in which this game takes place. In Pokémon Go, the real world is the actual setting.  You should step out and explore towns and cities around your and across the globe to catch as many Pokémon’s as you possibly can.

While you move around, your phone will vibrate to notify you of a nearby Pokémon; once you encounter one, take an aim on your phone’s touch screen and throw a Poke Ball to capture.  However, be careful when you are catching it to avoid running away.  It’s not just gamers who are enjoying this thrill only; there are vital lessons many industries are drawing from the game which affect how they do business.

Augmented reality might be among the worst names ever to be used to stir innovation. For many years now, proponent have been tossing it out to blank stares but what exactly does it mean to augment reality?  Nobody had an idea as most AR startups just faded away never to make more than a ripple in any market.  However, Pokémon Go is now making it clear that people can hide their characters in real locations so long as they have tablet or phone.

If for instance, you can hide in your local library, it also means you can place a bottle of Coke in the corner of a Starbuck, and you can put a recipe adjacent to the frying pan section of any cooking store. The message is that there is absolutely nothing you cannot do when you are in the world of Pokémon Go.

If you are old enough, then you must recall Prodigy which was a joint venture between Sears and IBM.  You could stand in a fulfillment warehouse surrounded by yellow Prodigy software boxes lined up to be delivered to curious clients. It was just impossible to explain the doings of Prodigy as all you did was to install software on your PC then see content about many things like news, travel, or sports. The one-third of the screen was full of advertising, and it wasn’t a big deal then.

You can play this game anywhere without any barriers which means you can enjoy being in any industry and adapt to the environment. Not everyone will be thrilled to play a specific level of the game, but the fact is that you will utilize it to become creative. You are set to unravel your creative side and learn things that you might never have realized about your life.

Things changed soon after the birth of the web, and now people could see the concept of Prodigy at work without any baggage imposed by its corporate owners and whatever happened after that I a story for a different forum. Pokémon Go is here to spark a real innovation race, and everyone is going to get the potential and power to put digital creations in the world. It’s going to change your industry and your career.

No longer will the web be limited to your screen, it has broken free and will soon be everywhere in parks, factories, school, etc.  We can all agree that beyond that boring augmented reality name, we can check out Pokémon Go, and figure out how to control its approach for your business or career.  We still have time to be among the first since innovation take much longer for it to be believed by pundits.  It is also better to look at both sides of the coin before crossing regardless of the treasure you are chasing.