WordPress & Joomla Website Redesigns


Is it time to update your outdated WordPress or Joomla website? Are you starting to have issues updating and managing content? In search of a modern look and feel, so you can impress new clients?

My name is Tony and I’m a professional Internet Consultant, located right here in Houston Texas.

I want to help you design and develop a fantastic looking website for as affordably as possible. We’ll get you setup with a full-featured, responsive website that will come equipped with the most up-to-date CMS, plenty of slick features, like responsive image galleries, personalized contact forms and third-party integrations (MailChimp, Analytics, SalesForce, etc. . .)

3-7 days is all it will take to completely transform the current website into a fully optimized, responsive website, which includes a modern design, updated features and a search engine optimized backend.

As an Open Source Software Developer I’m a firm believer in transparency and open communication, which is why from the very beginning I’ll be crystal clear about the steps we’ll take to launch an amazing looking website for only $1,000.

Step 1
For clients (like yourself) who want to launch a website quickly and affordably it’s recommend to select a template from a major provider like www.RocketTheme.com and www.YooTheme.com or from an open marketplace like www.ThemeForest.net

Step 2
For the most part you don’t have to worry about organizing content, because you have an existing website I’ll pull directly from.

However, if you want to add new information, get all of the important content organized and placed in a single file, which can be compressed and sent via email or using a third-party service like DropBox.

Step 3
Finally, we’ll unzip the select installation package (from Step 1) on the hosting server, setup all of the required databases and launch a working prototype in 24 hours or less. Moving quickly, we’ll replace all of the demo content with the content you provided in Step 2, so within 3-7 days a fully working website will be ready for launch.

You’ll have a brand new look you can be proud 🙂