Work at Home Day



Somehow work at home days… involve me working more… than being at the office.  I guess I save about 1.25 hours from not having to commute… probably more due to finding parking… I would estimate closer to 2 hours.  2 more hours to do work.  Today was pretty productive.  Set up an AdWords account.  I miss doing display and resizing banner ads.  It’s lame.. but relaxing.  Sort of like sorting cards…. but with an actual purpose.  Played with my cat.  And had lunch at a hibachi grill with my mom.  I’d say it was more productive than an ordinary Tuesday at the office.  I should work at home more…

Instead of finishing a proposal or writing an article about how javascript is amazing… or brushing up on woo commerce plugins… I’m blogging.  And I probably have a second blog incoming soon.  Life has been fun.  I’m learned a lot of new things today.  Learning always puts me in a good mood.  This weekend there’s an event I’m looking forward to… actually a bunch of events.  My friend Jeremy and Steven are going to join me for a marathon…. I hope at least.  We always tend to do it..

The more I think about it… the more I should probably crunch down now.  There’s also a neighborhood garage sale I want to go to.  I end up just looking… I have way too many things.. Hence, why I can’t move from my home…. too many things… I forgot I purchased a library… I was looking at places to rent in the city… and no space… for my collectables or my library.  I didn’t realize how massive my library has become… so I can’t move… There’s no way i’m sacrificing my library.  That’s the thing that makes me most happy.  I’ve always wanted a design library…. of books I would never read…

Today was a nice day.  If I can get some woo commerce in at the end.. it will be a great day.  I fixed the runrex website…. I’m starting to understand the logic of the template.  And it’s easier to move the pieces around now.

The one thing I didn’t do today was shoot videos for this channel.  I could have… but I had to talk with India for a bit.  Management is not easy…  sales is not easy…. startup life is not easy…  but it can be a lot of fun.