Working on Websites, Graphic Design, and Illustrations


Lyrics.  I’m productive when there’s music.  So productive.  My Pandora has gone back to being more Taylor Swift.  I believe that happens with every channel.  I’m excited to work with one of the graphic designers again.  She did a pretty good job on the runrex logo.  It’s cute.  Exactly the type of logo I would want for my company.  As for the other project.  That’s going as well.  It looks like it will take a week.

Currently I’m down to one graphic designer and one illustrator.  The other two are on break.  To be honest… I’m relying heavily on one of them to deliver me some awesome graphics for the lion channel.  As to why I chose a lion… I’m not sure.  I would have liked a tiger… and i believe I did have a channel with tiger in its name.   And shark was mcc more aligned to my spirit animal at the time.  The lion… I picked semi-randomly.

Guttulus I picked because it was a new species of cat.  New cats just don’t pop up all the time.  But lion… of all the animal to pick for that channel… I can’t tell you why I picked a lion.  It’s interesting to me too how the channel has become self branded.  I’ve commission a lot of artwork but most of it.  I’ve always enjoyed commissioning art.  I know how long it takes to make a finished piece of artwork.  It’s not easy.

I’m always hungry for more artwork.  Not sure why.  It’s addicting.  I put everything in a dropbox and occasionally go back and look at it.  OMG… my lawn is flooding.  I have to turn off the sprinklers.  Whoops.

I want a chill rest of the night.  I’m sort of glad that code binging mode is over.  I got what I wanted… to be ranked in the top 20 of all students on teamtreehouse.  There isn’t anything left for me to learn there.  I enjoyed it.  But now it’s over and time to grind out and do some sales.  Fingers crossed that Saturday turns out to be as productive as I hoped.  Which is odd… a year ago saturdays were by far the least productive day.