Wow That Vacation Was Short

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Life likes to throw a lot of curve balls.  I was excited for my new journey on this website… and then I found a lost dog.  It was too cute not to look for it’s home.  And then I took a volunteer shift.  And after that…  I helped my friend sell items at the artist gallery.  Then one of my cats got sick again… Lily just got back from the Hospital a few days ago.  And she’s so mean now. I think it’s due to the medicine.  She knows every time I grab her it’s to feed her medicine which she doesn’t like.  Two times a day I get bitten…

And everything else.  Sometimes it’s just exhausting.  I didn’t even feel like going to my neighbor’s party.  Although I really should have.  I can still hear it.  That’s enough rambling for now.  I still have 12 videos to produce of semi-decent quality.  I will need to get on that… after dinner.