Writing My Own Paycheck


One of the stranger things.  I invoice the company… and then keep a record of the invoice.  And write myself a paycheck every two weeks.  There’s an additional complication with another client where I create an invoice to send off and receive the invoice/payment then I create another invoice to receive another invoice/payment.  I should probably input all of this stuff in quickbooks soon.  Writing our own paycheck is exactly like startup life.  If there’s no money in the bank then you can’t write yourself a check.  Or if you have payments due.  There’s something tragically romantic about paying yourself.  It’s steinbeckish.

I’ve been learning sales.  And everything is going according to plan.  Lots of things to learn.  It’s a perpetual grind.  Like PPC it just comes down to raw numbers.  You have to get X proposals out there and hope for Y responses.  It’s a lot more fun now then when I first started.  If I’m diligent I will work on my PPC accounts today.  I sort of want to go to the mall.  I never want to go to the mall… but today being black friday… I might.  Going to call some friends and setup a time.

I went on a recent online shopping binge since I deserve one.  I’ll make a list of things I purchased in a later blog.  The weather isn’t great today.  For sure I need to get out and explore Houston one of the two days this weekend.  I finished my lion videos last night… after having my sd card bail on me.  You can never have enough SD cards.  I ordered a new one from Amazon… every time I order a new one… it’s larger in space and faster.  The wonders of technology.

My goal is to spit out 6 blogs and make 14 videos and then go shopping.  It’s a  talk task because I’m not really all that lucid at the moment.  I stayed up late watching interesting coding videos and talking to a friend in Cali about marketing ideas.  It’s nice to bounce ideas.

If this weekend is extremely productive I will update my Google Study guides.  I’m been meaning to update them.  And probably create a few more legal guides.  I’ve been sales training for the last month.  The work hasn’t gotten less… just I can do everything faster now.  Sort of like the holes book I read in middle school.  The hole you are digging doesn’t get smaller but you get a little better at digging it.