You’re ranked 32 out of 357566 students


I reached one of my goals for January.  Only one.  My January wasn’t great.  Lots of personal things and a messy schedule.  I’m looking forward to February since it should be more tame.  I earned 40, 000 points on teamtreehouse which makes me 32 of more than 350K students.  Something I wanted for a while. Teamtreehouse is a learning platform and not something I do on a daily basis anymore.  Those points are as easy to come by since I’ve done most of the lessons.  I would like to be ranked in the top 20 but I’m happy to be 32.  for now….

My previous developers, who also had no formal education in development, think teamtreehouse is a farce.  While, it’s too easy for my taste… it’s worth it.  I spent last night until 4am learning about python.  There’s no need for me to do the coding since outsourcing is cheaper and a better use of my time.  However, it does let me know what my developers are doing and how much time it should take to complete project.  You should never be at the mercy of your developers.  Never again.

40K doesn’t mean I’m good at coding.  I never wanted to be good at it. My goal was to understand it enough to manage a team.  And that’s where I am.  I can now figure out if a developer is going to make my software or not….  Invaluable given the “work at home” nature of this industry.

This weekend has been a lot of fun.  My sister and her finance are here.  And my parents too.  I’ve gotten a lot done considering.  No videos for Guttulus this week.  That’s okay because I have videos from last week.  Lion has no videos at all.  I’m hoping to send the sister to Galleria Mall so I can create a few videos and upload them.

As for these blogs… I need about 4 more.  Blogging is a lot more fun late at night.  Much more stream of thought…. hehe thats not the literary term I’m looking for.  Anyways I pride myself in being able to hit my goals each and every day, week, and month.  Birds of a feather flock together.  I met some pretty strong developers… and weak ones.  The best developers have the same passion, make the best product possible  Execute and deliver.  The worst… delay at every possibility.